Ford's decision to replace the Fiesta with the EcoSport may sound harsh on fans of the subcompact hatchback but the carmaker isn't regretting the move at all.

This cannot be avoided as the EcoSport has basically turned into a cash cow for its maker. Sales of the EcoSport is now at a consistent level of about 5,000 units per month and Ford couldn't be happier for it.

This is due to the fact that the EcoSport comes with a big profit margin for Ford. The carmaker is able to save a lot of production cost thanks to the fact that the EcoSport is available globally. Then, there is the Fiesta-sourced platform which the EcoSport is built on that cuts away development cost.

With such a setup, it greatly explains why Ford never think twice when announcing on the axing of the Fiesta to favour the compact crossover.

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