P0929 DTC locked transmission selector knob


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2017 Fusion
Just came across this problem again that I have had it several times with my 2017 Fusion. The transmission selector knob is locked in P and will not rotate into any gear positions. This seems to be related to high temperatures. Most late model Fords are using the same transmission sector knob so this is a long recognized (but not addressed) problem for ford. I believe it involves the selector knob locking solenoid that hangs up in the locked position when the assembly gets too hot or the solenoid coil doesn't get sufficient voltage to release the lock. (could be the coil windings get shorted intermittently when too hot?). The only fix that has worked for me has been to insert a flat screw driver in the consul release slot that will briefly light the gear select lights and then bang hard on the side of the knob housing. The other possible problem previously mentioned in another forum thread is the break pedal switch which can be tested by seeing if the brake lights are working. The GSM needs at least three conditions to release the knob: engine on, door closed, brake pedal depressed. The DTC trouble code is generally P0929 which is not very specific or useful if you don't have an official Ford scanner. Any Ford fix for this issue?