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I bought a brand new 2019 Ford ecosport back in February. Currently at 17000 MI.
Anyways for the first time I went to use 120V convenience outlet. It immediately trips out whenever I attempt to plug something into it.
I am an electrician I think that the polarity could be reversed.
When I start the vehicle the little green LED comes on showing me I have power. as soon as I plug anything into it and I've tried multiple things it trips out and goes off. Will not reset until the vehicle is turned off and restarted. I have attempted to even use a multimeter and check for voltage as soon as I stick a lead in to attempt to measure oltage or check if polarity is reversed it trips out. I can't even get a reading.
The vehicle is under warranty I could and should take it to Ford it would be their problem. I am an electrician by trade and usually do power plant maintenance.
I feel that I'd probably better qualified to do it than a mechanic is.
To get to it however it looks like I'm going to have to tear the whole console apart.
Has anyone else had any problems with the power outlet not working?

This kind of brings me to a two-part question. re allegedly maintain my vehicles and like to have the specs I had a 2014 Ford Fiesta that I parted ways with and got this vehicle I had to factory service manual for it on DVD. I am looking for a factory service manual for the Ford ecosport but I have not been able to find one on the internet anywhere. Since it's still so new to the US market. Does anyone know where I can get one?

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