Brakes are warped


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Is anyone displays with a quality of the brakes on the Ford ecosport?
I've owned quite a few vehicles in my life is completely normal me to drive high mileage and drive upwards of 40, 000mi a year. Some of my vehicles in the past have been manual transmissions that helps with brake longevity being able to downshift.
My previous devil was a 2014 Ford Fiesta I parted ways with it at 219000 Miles due to an accident involving a deer. I only ever change the brake pads twice on that vehicle.
because I drive highway miles it is completely normal for me to be able to squeeze a hundred thousand miles out of a set of brake pads.
My Ford ecosport currently had 17,000 miles on it the brakes are warped and the brakes have been war for the last 10,000mi miles. They're getting to the point they're so bad they need to be replaced I can't tolerate driving it anymore.
Not happy with the brakes. I do live in an area where I'm up and down hills constantly to get the home. It took me awhile first to get used to this transmission and how it operated but I routinely use sport mode to try to have the engine provide some braking by downshifting to be as gentle as I can on the brakes.
if I take it to the dealership I don't know they will be any help considering the vehicle is fairly new and under warranty but I know that brakes are considered wear and tear items.
My vehicle is the front wheel drive 1 l EcoBoost. The brakes are denicol between the two models so in theory I should even be a little gentler on the brakes then compared to the heavier four wheel drive version of the vehicle. Since there will be more mass to try to bring to a stop.

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I'm at 11k miles, no issues so far.