Fuel left in tank when car states 0% remaining

If this helps anyone:

My car's "miles left" showed 0 and I travelled an extra 1.5 miles to the fuel station.

I filled 48.5 litres (maximum it would take)

The tank holds 53l.

This means I had 9% fuel left.

I did 409 miles, so I could have done an extra 36 miles.

Basically, it appears the car has roughly 10% fuel remaining when it says 0% is remaining.

I've only tracked it once. I'll do it again next time I fill up and update this post.


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What kind of fuel mileage you getting? I drive high miles. I live in an area where almost everyone drives a 4WD. When I purchased my vehicle I drive 2 hrs away just to test drive one of only a few FWD versions I could find. I wanted the FWD for the better fuel economy.
I'm already over 15,000mi. Purchased new Feb 27th.
I check fuel mileage often and reset the display after fill ups to reset averages. I average routinely 33MPG . I have never yet averaged less than 30 MPG. My worst ever was 30.9 that I'm aware of. The guage on vehicle is optimistic with fuel mileage. I check it with miles driven vs gallons of gas at fill up and average it out.
I have squeezed over 400miles per tank numerous times.
I write this now because at this moment I'm about to get my best ever fuel mileage with this current tank full.
Girlfriend took a road trip to a casino about 3hrs away. Filled up before we left.
I currently have driven 386mi. Dash readout shows 112 miles to empty. I averaged 38.2 MPG so far according the vehicle.
We took a scenic drive on a back road route entire trip I seldom exceeded 55MPH.

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