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Since buying my 2020 SE back in May, I have been researching the trailer tow prep wiring that comes with out cars. I have finally found the missing pieces to complete the trail towing to power the wires to the trailer hitch. I have not completed the install yet, but have the final item on order. I will update once I receive the module, install and test it.

The trailer tow wiring in located under the driver's side rear passenger seat. The trailer tow module mounts in this location. The part number of the trailer tow module is GN1Z-19H332-A. The harness to go from the trail tow plug located in the left rear of the car behind the bumper cover. The harness comes WITHOUT a flat 4 pin connector on the end. The part number is GN1Z-13A576-A . You can buy from Wal Mart (assuming in Canada also) the Hopkins Towing Solutions 4 Flat Extension 18 Inch Wire, 48185 for $4.95 USD (lots cheaper than your local auto parts store) to splice onto the end of the Ford harness.

There are more photos and links I posted on the EcoSport Forum. EcoSport TCM 1.jpg 20200712_094512s.jpg
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