Different size wheels depending on trim level


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I know it's completely normal that lower trim levels may have smaller wheels while higher trim levels get larger wheels and lower profile tires.

The US spec Ecosport S and SE trim levels come with 16" wheels and 205/60/16 tires. That is an OD of 25.7" for that tire. Nothing odd, nothing unusual.

The SES and Titanium trim get 17" wheels with 205/50/17 tires. Same width. But height wise, the OD of that tire 25.0". Not drastic but smaller, noticeably smaller. Technical terms it's 2.79% smaller.

For speedometer error, ABS sensors, and wheel sensors, that's a fairly substantial difference.
Would those different trim levels be calibrated differently?

Just seemed a fairly drastic difference to me. Also for those want to be lawyers, if the odometer is calibrated to spec of the 205/60/16 tire size and the vehicle is equiped with OEM 205/50/17 tires you would actually cover 2.79% less miles than what the odometer actually indicates.
So at 60,000mi when power train warranty is up, one would have actually only traveled about 58,500mi.

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