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It's that time of year!
First the basics. I own a 2019 Ford Ecosport Titanium. I'm interested in installing a set of winter on the vehicle.

Stock wheel and tire is 17" 205/50/17 tires.

From a Ford Fiesta I have set of 16 wheels I would like use as winter tire set.
Those wheels from the Fiesta are 16x16.5" 47mm offset. What is the offset of the OEM Ford Ecosport wheels? I've seen some discrepancy, I've seen 47mm and 37mm offset sizes listed. The Ford Ecosport, depending on trim, can have 16x6.5" wheels or 17x7" wheels. Doesn't the offset change since the one wheel is wider?

I'm absolutely certain the bolt pattern and hub is same between the Fiesta and Ecosport. I'm questioning if the offset is the same or within tolerances.

Also, as outgoing inventory, I can get a heck of a deal on the Blizzak WS-80 tire. In the stock OEM size of 205/60/16 it's sold out. However I can get it in a slightly wider and taller 215/60/16. It's roughly 1.9% taller. 25.7 OD vs 26.1OD for larger tire. The new model Blizzak is a WS-90 model. Considerably more expensive.

This is the whole reason I'm questioning the offset and if I can make it work.
I would prefer not to use OEM 17" wheels and use the Fiesta 16" wheel set. The Fiesta wheels have the OEM TPMS that should be compatible with the Ecosport also.

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