Ford Ecosport TPMS sensors


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I just recently decided to install winter tires on my Ecosport. 2019 Titanium.
The wheels 16" are direct take-offs from a 2014 Ford Fiesta. The TPMS sensors are the OEM sensors that came with the 2014 Fiesta.
I took a gamble that possibly the sensors may work for the Ecosport and they would automatically be found by the Ecosport.
No such luck. I'm getting a TPMS fault.

How do I retrain the sensors?
Will the Fiesta sensors work at all? They are different part number. I'm told as long as they are the same frequency they should be able to be trained.
I see Ford TPMS tools available for sale. I've looked at parts a particular website and said that tool wasn't compatible with the Ecosport.
The Ecosport and Fiesta are similar vehicles I figured they may work.

I owned a Fiesta drove it over 200,000mi. I routinely switched back and forth from winter tires and wheels. I used wheels from a previous generation Focus with sensors
I never once had to train the vehicle. Never had any issues ever. When I switched tires and wheels they were automatically found.

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